Ultreo Sonic Toothbrush - DEAD

In May of 2007 I purchased a new Ultreo toothbrush. It worked great and cleaned my teeth, and in particular gums, better than any toothbrush I ever had. Then the rechargeable battery died after 2.5 years of use, in November 2009. This is probably about a normal time for the battery to need replacement, no surprise or complaint there. But it was then I discovered the company had recently gone out of business due to its inability to raise additional investment funds, a casualty of the Great Recession. So my Ultreo is now useless since there is no way to replace the dead battery.
The purpose of this web page is to alert other owners of Ultreo the company is defunct and the toothbrush will die. To alert potential buyers to stay away - incredibly it is still being sold new on Amazon - I guess to clear out back inventory, but since the battery can't be serviced it is terribly unethical to keep selling a product that will die after a few years.
As a replacement I purchased a "Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus" which seems to have taken all the best ideas of the Ultreo and copied them. This is not an endorsement as I have not used it yet, but it seems to be the closest thing available to the Ultreo. I loved my Ultreo and its sad to see them go - I'm also surprised they just shut their doors with no support for simple things like replacing the battery.

Stephen Balbach
November 2009