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The Balbach Castle was once allied with a robber baron.
There were no Balbachs in the castle, just highwaymen - so it was said.
In 1523, a Frankish punitive expedition under the Swabian League burned it down (pictured).
Nothing remains today but this awesome woodcut by war correspondent Hans Wandereisen.


* CoolReading. Book reviews, 2004-present. Cross-postings to LibraryThing mostly, occasionally Amazon and Internet Archive.


* Online Index to The Best American Science and Nature Writing Series. Indexing an anthology.
* Online Index to `Notes and Queries' (1849-1922). Index of volumes freely available online, the 19th century Wikipedia.
* Online Index to National Geographic's Top 100 Adventure/Travel Books
* Best Online Lectures. List of some of the best online lectures I have watched, mostly from TED and Google Talks. Stalled.
* Forgotten Victorian Literature. Some of the best little known Victorian literature. Stalled.
* The Native Scottish Diet in Boswell's Tour to the Hebrides
* The Annotated List of Characters in Emile Zola's La Terre
* The Annotated List of Characters in Emile Zola's Pot Bouille
* FAQ (unofficial) for using's Texts collection.
* Syrian civil war videos
* Audiobook narrator aliases


* Author Watchlist. This csh Unix script is a "book author watchlist". It will monitor for new books coming out by authors on your watchlist, sending you an email notification when a new book comes out by an author on your list. Keep track of your favorite authors without relying on luck, word of mouth or trips to the book store. It uses LibraryThing for tracking (ie. crowd sourcing), but you don't need an account there for the script to work. It tends to pick up new books before they are published or are much advertised which is kind of nice.
* Battle for Moscow. A computer wargame I wrote in C, mostly during college (1988-1994), based on the boardgame originally by Frank Chadwick. It's DOS only, pre-Windows. Full source.

misc projects

* The Annotated Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. Although there are many annotated editions, this one is excellent for the general reader wishing to understand some of the more obscure words and references, a great reading edition.
* The Annotated 'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes' . The most complete annotated edition anywhere in print or on the web.
* Western USA 2003. Nomad vagabonding on the back-roads of America.
* Asortablog .. random musings.